Monday, February 25, 2008

Kingdom Come goes off-off-Bway

My play Kingdom Come will be performed at:

The American Theatre of Actors
314 W. 54th Street (just West of 8th Avenue)
New York, NY 10019
Box office: 212.581.3044

Dates/Times: March 12-15, Wednesday-Saturday, 8pm; March 16, Sunday, 3pm

Tickets are $15.

1) Tickets can be purchased at the door.
2) How it got there: I mailed a copy of the play to James Jennings, the theatre company's Artistic Director, who liked it. It took about three months from submission to placement with one of his resident directors for production. A friend pointed me in his direction, but the theatre can also be found in the Dramatists Sourcebook. Jennings gets 500 plays/yr from non-company writers and produces 10.


carmen said...

This is so great, Allan! Wish I could be there, but alas, a bit too far to travel, even for such a great offering.

Love the blurb too! Bravo!

Holly said...

Hi, Allan,

Congratulations! I'm sorry I'll be out of town -- I would enjoy supporting your new post-MFA success!


ACW said...

Allan - this is incredible news! I'm not sure if I can make it, but I've been thinking about heading into the city anyhow. I'm going to see what I can do to kill a few birds with that stone they call a metro north ticket.

Do we need to purchase tickets in advance, or are they available at the door? Will Liza be there again for an encore performance?


ACW said...

Allan - it might be nice if you could write a post about how all of this came about. What have you been doing to get your play performed in the city? What connections did you make, how long have you been working this?

I for one would really like to hone in on the "pre-performance"-how this great opportunity came about. I think we're all pounding the pavement and could benefit from the strategies and tactics piece.

Thanks in advance.

Aaliyah said...


Way to go! This is awesome. I hope I'll be able to make one of the shows.


Colleen said...

Hi Allen,

Great news! I'm going to try to make Wed's show. Do we buy the tickets at the door?


Fletcher Dean said...


What great news! Congrats!

I was so excited when I saw the dates because I was sure I would be in NY. I rechecked the event I'm attending, tho, and realized it's in California, not NY. How disappointing. I was so looking forward to seeing this again.

Anyway - it's still great news. Please let us know how it went.



ACW said...

Fletch - how do you confuse the two coasts??!!