Thursday, February 07, 2008

Obama and I

Hi Everyone,

As Barrack Obama’s wave crossed my station, I took a glance at it, paused and reflected.

It was just published by the George Mason’s University History News Network.

Those who wish to read can find it at



Prof. Clements said...

Rudolf, Excellent commentary. I think this also would be a great candidate for an NPR commentary. Ever done one? If not and you need help, let me know; I can try to find one of our mentors or writers in residence who could help you with the process of proposing it to NPR or your local NPR station; Humear might be able to help you with that.

Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo said...

Thanks, Prof.

I already sent it to Morning Edition and All Things Considered. They rejected it.

But several other sites and newspapers are picking it up and republishing.

Once again thanks for the suggestions.

DLowe said...

Nice Rudolph! I didn't see this on here before. Glad I did. Terrific piece. Strong writing and I just loved it -- Obama's my man too!
Best Wishes,
Don Lowe