Friday, June 20, 2008

Call me Deb

Years ago I was Debbie...then I turned forty and became, more suitably, Deborah, until I grew weary from answering "do you spell that with a...?" so, after 50 I dropped the issue and settled into "Just deb" which suits me fine. I teach English at Danbury High School...completing my 17th year this very day.

I'm excited about this commencement of work that will lead to collections I've been wanting to construct for a long long time...tried it here and there...Goucher, Manhattanville, Wesleyan...and never could make the geography work with my professional commitments and the life I livcd raising my kids alone.

Kids are now moved away--along with them went the granddaughter who was my constant sidekick. Too much time on my hands mandated a new lifestyle, so this is a vacation all for me. Going to school is my favorite thing to do.

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Aaliyah said...

Hi Deb,

Deb has a nice and simple ring to it. Welcome.