Friday, June 20, 2008

Introducing myself

Hi all! My name in Elizabeth and I'm just starting my MFA this year.  I made the decision to continue my education very last minute without giving it more than a day's thought, so I'm not sure the magnitude of my undertaking has sunk in yet, but I am beyond excited.  (And may I point out the tremendous pressure in writing a blog that will be read by other writers? "beyond excited?" I'm am so very excited I can't think of an appropriate synonym...) 

Anyway, I'm a corporate flight attendant, did undergrad at Fairfield University, and like long walks on the beach.  Just kidding.  I mean I do, but... oh well, I mean we're introducing anyway; I prefer to eat all my food with chopsticks or sundae spoons and I am weirdly afraid of goldfish.  Finally, I believe that being slightly eccentric, a la Greta Garbo, is a prerequisite to being a writer.  I can't wait to meet you all in August! See you soon!


debstence said...

Elizabeth the eccentric in me alreaady looks forward (oops I just interrupted my subject and verb!) to meeting the eccentric in you...though those dinner utensils are a bit over the top! haha...coming from one who puts italian dressing on my pizza whether I have salad with it or not!

ACW said...

Hi Elizabeth - Welcome to the program. I am one of the people who gives evidence that you can make it through the M.F.A. and come out standing tall!!! A lot of work ahead but a lot of fulfillment and wonderful learning, too!

I'm curious - who do you fly for? I used to fly a lot out of Signature at Bradley and Corporate Air at Westchester.