Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An instructing opportunity

Unfortunately, I don't have the writing instruction experience. But I know one of you guys might have the right stuff for this opportunity. See below.

ESSAY WRITING INSTRUCTOR positions are available at ASA’s College Admissions Prep (CAP) program held on the campus of Tufts University. CAP is a 12-day summer programs for high school students aimed at fully preparing them for the college admissions process.

ESSAY WRITING INSTRUCTOR(S) Essay Writing instructors will be responsible for leading a 14-hour essay writing class — one of the crucial components of this 12-day College Admissions Prep program. Over the course of seven (7) two-hour classes, instructors will lead students through the process of crafting a college application essay (personal statement). These small classes are meant to be workshop-based and very interactive. Instructors are to lead the students from the inception of an idea to a polished final essay over the course of the class.

1. MA or MFA candidate or graduate preferred (or PhD).
2. Must have writing instruction experience (preferably at the college level) and must be confident in instructing a class on the personal essay. 2008 DATES: June 30 - July 9 SALARY: $1,000 TO APPLY: Please submit a CV to teach@asaprograms.com

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