Friday, May 20, 2011

Commencement Tonight

Congrats to everyone walking in the graduate commencement tonight! I hope you're proud of what you've accomplished--you should be. It's no small task to write a complete book/feature film/feature play in two years. Well done! And thanks for everything you've all contributed to the program's community. I hope we'll get a chance to see you all again--perhaps at the August residency for agent meetings...



William Friskey said...

Thanks Brian. It's been a great ride, and I'm sure everyone would agree that it was one of the most important experiences of our lives. I can't be there tonight, but you all rock!


PS-Some of us wrote two.

Laura H said...

Proud to be part of the ceremony tonight - and to share the event with Jane and Claudine. Looking forward to seeing all in August.

Jane K. Cleland said...

Some of the pictures (of us three gals) came out pretty well! I'll send them on tomorrow.

The ceremony in my view was lovely. I'm so glad I went.

Claudine D'Angelo-Dotzman said...

It was a fabulous celebration of years of blood, sweat and tears. I am so glad that I went.

Thanks to Brian and Holly for all their hard work and commitment to each of us!