Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thinking of Self-Publishing?

So is this guy...


Jane K. Cleland said...

Interesting take on the situation.

Many, many of my author friends are getting their rights back from their publishers for now out-of-print books and getting them online. I think that makes sense, especially if you have readers.

One important point: the author wasn't going to skip working with an editor. To self-publish a poorly edited book could have long-term negative consequences, I think.

ACW said...

Goodness, Jane, you are so spot on! I've been asked to quote on proofreading nonfiction/workbook style manuscripts with unreasonably fast turnaround times b/c "I've already hired people to edit and it's in great shape..." And then I send them two pages "gratis" that are bleeding out in red line edits, they react with a stunned response, and I run in the other direction.

Also, very a writer you MUST BE YOUR OWN EDITOR FIRST! While there is only so far you can edit your own work before handing off to an outside editor pre-press, there is no excuse for extensive typos, grammatical errors, etc. It's all part of the process...and to me, it's what separates folks who "want to get published" but have no writing skills and those who are so good at their craft (writing and editing) you cannot tell whether the book comes from a publishing house or is self-published.

Craft = expertise = savvy and smarts.