Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Punk Soul Poet

Hi Everyone,

I recently discovered a very cool Brooklyn-based online lit mag called "Punk Soul Poet"who seems to be publishing just about anybody ;)

I am thrilled that they decided to accept two of my poems from last semester and I want to encourage you to send your work too. Take a look at the above link for the May issue and more info on submitting. They are accepting short fiction, poetry, flash fiction and visual art.


“Art is literacy of the heart.”
— Elliot Eisner

Our mission is to strengthen the bond between the arts. We like to think of the site as a gallery that hangs art, poetry, and fiction on its walls. The poetry and writing is thoughtfully selected to compliment the art that is displayed, and vice versa. We love all styles, from soft to brazen. We strive to present artists in a creative, non traditional way.

Our definition of punk:

One that wholly rejects stereotypes, and courageously pursues their own original vision. A person that fights for their artistic beliefs, even if doing so sets them apart from others. Some examples of punks (by our definition): Patti Smith, Oscar Wilde, Spalding Gray, Frida Kahlo, Hunter Thompson, and Jim Carroll (among many others).

- Carolyn


Sara Lewis said...

Congrats Carolyn!

And thx for the submission info.

Caro said...

Thanks, when I said they are accepting anything I was only half joking. I think a lot of the stuff you guys write in workshops is better so I think everyone should submit.

cy said...

Thanks for the info, Carolyn. I'd like to check it out. cy