Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SENSATION trailer...or is it?!

My novel Sensation has been out for a couple of weeks now, and in line with today's fashions, I commissioned a book trailer from my friend Seth Cadin. What I ended up with is a pretty neat little avant-garde found footage film!

Given that the book is a little avant itself, I didn't mind at all. Do check it out.


Jane K. Cleland said...

Very dramatic and engaging!

One suggestion -- at the end you might add your website URL and/or buying/ordering instructions.

A question: Where/how are you promoting the trailer?

DLowe said...

Very cool, Nick. I also dig the film's music. I'm buying this book.

NM said...

Hi Jane,

On the YouTube site itself, there is an ordering link.

I have a fairly well-trafficked blog and put it there, and on my Facebook, and I also Tweeted it. (It's already been retweeted and shared on Facebook a number of times.) I should have a little essay up on Suvudu.com on Thursday which will also feature the video.