Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holly's Last Day -- Thank You All

Today is my last day as Interim MFA Coordinator.  Brian Clements will "officially" return tomorrow, June 1st.

I've enjoyed working with everyone this past academic year, and having the chance to get to know our MFA community better. I thank you for your patience and support, first while I was new to the job, and then while we've been through these recent changes. My special thanks goes to Laurel who put up with my many questions over the year.

I look forward to being at the August residency to say hello and to help welcome our new students, and I'll be teaching an Online Multigenre Workshop this fall.

Have a great summer, and please stay in touch --



Alexis said...

Holly, thanks for all you've done -- and enjoy some free time!

ACW said...

Holly - what a whirlwind year it's been for you! I will miss our weekly get togethers but know we'll continue to connect via telephone, etc....you've got that wonderful book to deliver to the world!

Laura H said...

Thanks for helping me keep all my ducks in a row my last semester - applications for this and that and, of course, those thesis signatures! See you soon :)

amcannon said...

Thanks for all the hard work you did. Our mid semester meetings truly helped me to sort through the chaos in my head and move forward confidently. You're the best!

Jane K. Cleland said...

Thank you, Holly, for your patience with my many, many "I'm dumb as a doornail" questions. It's been a real pleasure working with you.

Larissa Lytwyn said...

Thank you for all you did. I enjoyed OMG and actually got into poetry!

dirtywater22 said...


A job well done. You will be missed, but I know you will stay connected to the MFA community:)


David T Griffith said...

Holly, thanks for all of your help through the application process. See you in August!